The Heart of the Apron is the Ribbon

We’ve been perfecting our weaving since the Toyes were silk weavers in 1685. That’s why if it’s a Toye, Kenning and Spencer apron you know the ribbon is the best there is. All our ribbon is woven from yarn to the correct shade (not woven then batch dyed) and with the full complement of threads per inch (not starched to bulk up flimsy ribbon). All ribbon on an apron comes from the same batch so there is absolutely no shade difference within or between body and bib. The waistband is continuous through the apron to withstand the pressure of the Festive Board not tacked at each end. As we’ve been supplying the Craft for so long you can of course be certain that the regalia is constitutionally correct.

It’s that attention to detail that has always made Toye, Kenning and Spencer the first choice for Masonic regalia from Master Mason to the highest ranks in the Craft.