Founded in 1685, Toye, Kenning and Spencer has become the best known and longest running manufacturer of Masonic regalia, as well as regalia for other friendly societies. Wherever people celebrate belonging to an organisation, Toye, Kenning & Spencer provides the symbols of that society; from the military grandeur of the Trooping of the Colour to those who quietly devote their time to charitable works.

Toye, Kenning & Spencer have served the Royal Family in most of their great events such as coronations, weddings, investitures and anniversaries and have been holders of the Royal Warrant for many years. We are also proud to have supplied regalia and insignia to many countries throughout the world.

The tradition of fine craftsmanship is proudly carried on today in our Birmingham and Bedworth factories. The factory in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter houses all the processes needed to produce medals, from initial design through to stamping and polishing, enamelling and plating. The Bedworth factory weaves the ribbon, gold braid and lace renowned around the world; produces gold and silver wire for hand embroidery; military headgear; aprons, collars and sashes for Freemasonry and other charitable institutions; as well as medal mounting, and computer controlled embroidery for the manufacture of badges for a wide range of uniforms, home and abroad.

The Toye family began life in England as Huguenot silk weavers who fled to London from France in 1685. George Kenning were founded in 1860 and acquired Spencer & Co in 1947. They were in turn acquired by Toye & Co. in 1956, adopting the current trading name of Toye, Kenning and Spencer in 1962.